Saturday, June 9, 2012

Heading out to Katie's Place Soon

Katie's Place Shelter is a magical place. There are lots of kinds of shelters, Katie's Place is one where you feel like the cats have it all right while they wait for their forever homes. Sure you wish they'd all get adopted asap, but your heart doesn't break into a million pieces the way it does in some shelters.

The key, I think is the communal rooms. The cats are not in cages - they have room to run and play and access to a sunroom where they can laze in a sunbeam, just the way cats should.

Katie's Place also takes in cats other shelters might consider 'unadoptable', and if necessary, they provide a home for these cats for life at the shelter - though they fully believe there is a home for every cat. Let that be a thought next time you're looking to adopt, are you a possible home for a special needs cat?

I've only been to Katie's Place once before to visit - it's a ways outside Vancouver (in Maple Ridge), but I'll be going again near the end of June with Cindy from Muddy Love to see if we can get some nice photos of some of the residents to help show the internet how fabulous they all are! I'm excited to work with Cindy - we met for lunch and she seems awesome; I think we'll have a lot of fun!

Stay tuned!

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