Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Kitten Year End Finale

Got Craft was a very busy event and many wonderful people bought cards in support of VOKRA and Katie's Place.  I also heard some great stories from people who have adopted from VOKRA or fostered for them.  (There are still cards available on etsy.)

I managed to squeeze in one last photo shoot before the end of 2014. Couldn't get a photographer so I tried to do my best for Homefinders Animal Rescue myself.

Indoor photography in a dark room with kittens is tricky but with enough patience (and photoshopping) we managed to get some adorable photos. It helps to have adorable models. Look at these ridiculous rascals:

kitten flock


The thing with kittens this tiny is that it would be oh so easy to put one in my pocket and take it home. Such temptation.

I resisted this time.

Also took my first photos of a hedgehog! And there were some beautiful adult cats too.

Fingers crossed these creatures all find happy forever homes quickly.

Cowboy Hedgehog poof-2b

Sunday, December 7, 2014

New Cards - Available online & at Got Craft

Haven't posted in a while, but I have been doing cat-related things!

The most important news is that I have coordinated the printing of new cards this year to sell & raise funds for rescue groups!

This year it's a set of 4 for Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue with the most adorable kitten + martini glasses taken by Tanja. And two featuring Katie's Place residents - a reprint of the very popular white Nicole card, and a new one featuring a handsome tuxedo boy, Damon (photo by Cindy Hughes)

The cards are available online at my etsy shop and I will be selling them at the best Vancouver craft fair there is - Got Craft on Dec 13 and 14.  All proceeds from the VOKRA cards go to VOKRA and ditto for Katie's Place.

I'm really hoping to sell a boatload and hand over a big pile of cash to help make a happy end of year for these amazing volunteer-run rescue groups.

Please buy a few cards and/or share the link with your friends.  Any support is appreciated!