Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cute Overload Again

I'll be working to post some of the new photos to Ben's gallery - but here are a few!

So many adorable, lovely cats (and a turtle!) in need of homes - contact HomeFinders Animal Rescue if you want to take one of them home!


Photographing kittens. Sheer Khan and someone's tail.
Teeny tiny turtle!


Saturday, July 28, 2012


It took a few reschedulings but we made it to HomeFinders to photograph a pile of cats (and a turtle) for them - yay! It will take a while for Ben to process the photos, but I'm guessing he got some awesome ones. The cats were generally superstars (and the kittens were rascally and hilariously hard to catch when we were done). One of the perks of doing this is getting to hold purring kittens, I'll be honest.

I finally remembered to take my camera and get a photo of Ben in action with his studio-esque setup. (These photos also show you why I am not taking the animal photos!) Because Ben and I usually schedule photo shoots in the evenings, he's got a set up with a flash and a light umbrella which produces amazing photos with a very different quality than natural light photos. Sometimes it freaks the cats out - the noise and the flash - but Ben makes it work!

Will have photos to show in a few days I hope!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Was going through Cindy's photos of Katie's Place again to add to the gallery page and came across this one of Walter hanging out in what is probably the best spot in the place - a basket chair that has been hung from the rafters. Whoever thought this up is a genius. I'd like to nap there!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Blog Love

Ben and I didn't make it out to Home Finders last week - it had to be rescheduled, but fingers crossed we'll make it out tonight!

I've been spending a fair bit of my internet time reaching out to people in the Vancouver blog world to see if they'd be willing to feature some of the cats that we've gotten photos of as part of Orphan Animal Pics. And, because these people are wonderful - blog posts have been popping up (including some weekly features).  I'm so pleased - hopefully the photos will tug someone's heartstrings and cause some adoptions that otherwise wouldn't have happened. Given the number of animals in shelters, we need a lot of new homes to step forward to take in an animal or two if we're going to find happy endings for these creatures!

Here are the wonderful bloggers that have featured the project/animals so far - I'm so grateful!
The Anthology
Kimli of Delicious Juice
Lotus Events (organizers of the wonderful Got Craft)
Kim Werker

Friday, July 13, 2012


Heading out to HomeFinders Animal Rescue tonight with Ben to get photos of the new animals they've got. Fingers crossed for some puppies!! (we haven't done puppies yet)

In any case - you'll get some lovely new photos to see next week (I'm off camping for the weekend, so there will be a delay before the gallery gets up.)!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Just got an email plea from HomeFinders Animal Rescue that they are in need of photos - apparently they are buried under animals! They are a foster-home based animal rescue group so if you live in the Vancouver area and are willing to give being a foster home a try (for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, rabbits) - please consider contacting them!  You can be a foster home temporarily in emergency cases (while they find longer-term foster homes), or until an animal is adopted; it's usually flexible.  HomeFinders rescues animals that are at risk of being put down - so being a foster home can mean you are literally saving an animal's life.  How awesome is that? You get to have a temporary cute family member and it makes you a hero!  Win-win.

Stay tuned.... sounds like we'll have new photos from HomeFinders in the next week or two! And it's kitten & puppy season, so probably there will be ridonkulousness on the cute scale.

(Photo is one Ben took of some HomeFinder kittens previously.)