Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cats of Europe

While I'm sad not to be in Vancouver, helping find homes for shelter animals, I'm making the most of my time in Europe. My partner and I went on a road trip for most of June - down to Croatia and Albania and swinging by Romania on our way back - it was very interesting. We met a few cats on our way (in Croatia mostly) and I couldn't resist taking photos of them! I'm missing my cats very much, so I turn into a bit of a crazy person when I see a cat now.

I've started a set on my flickr page for the cat photos I'm taking on my travels - I suspect there will be more! 

In more Vancouver-centric news - Vancouver rescue groups have been flooded with cats from two big rescue operations. If you are inclined and able to donate to support them, now would be a very good time!