Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cards & photos & more!

A huge thank you to Got Craft, the best craft fair in Vancouver who let me sell my fundraiser greeting cards at their merch table last weekend. Got Craft is always busy with exactly the kind of people who will buy cute cards to support a good cause. I sold all but 14 of my cards!  Whoo!  I have to do the math to add up all my sales and calculate the donations to Katie's Place and HomeFinders, but it should be a nice chunk of change.  In addition, one of my coworkers ordered 32 cards to use as thank you cards after a big party he had, so I printed an additional run of the most popular card - the one of NicoleI have a handful of the other cards left too - so if you want to place an order, please do!!

Lovely Bella - apparently a great bug catcher!
In addition to selling cards and raising funds - I did another photo shoot with Tanja, who I'm learning has endless patience for photographing cats (you really do need to have patience with cats). We ended up with two skittish cats again. It's hard - my cats are the same way -they're well adjusted normal cats around us, but when strangers come over they get scared for no reason. Too bad too because Bella and Tux were adorable and looked awfully snuggly! Tux was pretty scared the whole time we were there, so we weren't able to get many flattering shots of him, but Bella struck some nice poses for us.

I've added a gallery for Tanja - and you can check out her photography site to see more of her work!