Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Marlowe Found a Home!

Marlowe.  So good looking, this cat. I took about 65 photos of him when I was at Katie's Place last, he's a great model.  He had pulled out some of his fur because he was sad/stressed in the shelter environment - he needed a proper home.  But he's not necessarily an easy cat to adopt out - he needs to be taken on his own terms - needs a home that understands him and doesn't have expectations of constant cuddles... and that's a rare home to find, one that will take a quirky, possibly temperamental cat and love them on their own terms.

Fingers crossed for Marlowe because he found someone willing to give it a try!! And so far so good!  Let's hope it works out for him and he can grow his fur back and be the beautiful, happy cat he should be!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Katie's Place

Have I told you all about Katie's Place yet?  It's a wonderful volunteer-run shelter in Maple Ridge (~1 hr outside Vancouver).  They take in many cats that would otherwise be deemed 'unadoptable' and they provide the best life they can for them.  They do their best to find generous-hearted people who will adopt a less-than-perfect, sometimes jerky cat, and it's very heartwarming when they succeed.  They also have regular cute cuddly cats that are perfectly perfect.  Their cats live in communal rooms with access to outdoor catteries so they can laze in the sun & feel the breeze and have space to climb and run.

As shelters go, it's a nice set up! But it's still a shelter - and many cats get very stressed in that kind of environment, so go adopt someone!

I happened to be out in Maple Ridge the other day, so I stopped by to visit during their open house. I took my camera with my lovely new lens and decided to try to get some photos myself (couldn't get a professional to come with me!).  Am fairly pleased with how the photos turned out.

This is Marlowe.

He is one beautiful cat - and quite the model too, striking all these poses for me.

He was super chill and friendly and purring with me, but I was told, when I asked about him, that he can be a bit of a jerk sometimes (aren't we all?). I take that to mean he's moody and needs an understanding adopter that doesn't expect a cat to be cuddly all the time.  Marlowe is also pulling out his fur, which is heartbreaking and probably a result of being stressed (I'm guessing here).

Sounds like this poor guy needs a home of his own where he can be himself and be accepted for who he is, jerky bits and all!  Isn't that what we all want?