Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sneak Peak

Just got some photos from Tanja - very unique cat, this one....  for now, you just get a sneak peak!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

2012 Summary

I'm rather late with the year-end summary, but here goes!

The greeting card sales went well during the holidays - allowing me to send a $100 cheque to Katie's Place, AND pay down $100 worth of HomeFinder's vet bill for them.  The assistant at the vet who processed the payment kept thanking me for doing such a nice thing - which I wish I could pass on to all the people who bought cards because it was their money!  So thank you - by directing your greeting-card purchases to my fundraiser, you helped warm the hearts of many - from vet admins to the hard-working people who run these rescue groups!  I hope it brightens their day, when rescue work gets them down, to know that so many people support them and appreciate what they do.

I did another print run of the most popular card - the blank card with Nicole of Katie's Place on the front. She is stunning - and Cindy Hughes captured her beautifully.  Feel free to purchase more!  They will only be available until March.

In addition to the cards - I run a snack basket in my office where I charge outrageously high prices for snacks. My co-workers like to munch (and support saving kittens) - and I was able to donate an astounding $700 to Katie's Place through this!!!  Go start a snack basket in your office today! No, seriously.

Aside from fundraising - we got out and met some lovely animals!  I met three great photographers Tanja of Jelger and Tanja Photography, Kristina of K9 Studio Photography (who sadly moved to Venezuela shortly after we did our first photo shoot), and Cindy of Muddy Love Pet Photography (and Sugar Snap Photography). 

Here's the rundown of photo shoots in 2012:
  • Ben (my original photographer) and I did two photo shoots for HomeFinders, including our first bunny and turtle photos! [27 animals]
  • Cindy also did a photo shoot of kittens for HomeFinders (and inexplicably, the cutest is still available!). [7 cats]
  • We did 6 photo shoots for VOKRA (Jackie, Tanja, Ben, Kris) [15 cats]
  • Cindy did a ton of photos at Katie's Place [50 cats!]
  • In total - approximately 99 animals where photographed! I'm quite shocked to tally it up and find it was so many! 
How is this guy not adopted yet? Go adopt him!
2013 will certainly be much much quieter - as I'm off to spend a year in Europe!  But, I'm hoping to squeeze in a few photo shoots before I leave in April, and I'll certainly be back at it in 2014!