Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Kitten Year End Finale

Got Craft was a very busy event and many wonderful people bought cards in support of VOKRA and Katie's Place.  I also heard some great stories from people who have adopted from VOKRA or fostered for them.  (There are still cards available on etsy.)

I managed to squeeze in one last photo shoot before the end of 2014. Couldn't get a photographer so I tried to do my best for Homefinders Animal Rescue myself.

Indoor photography in a dark room with kittens is tricky but with enough patience (and photoshopping) we managed to get some adorable photos. It helps to have adorable models. Look at these ridiculous rascals:

kitten flock


The thing with kittens this tiny is that it would be oh so easy to put one in my pocket and take it home. Such temptation.

I resisted this time.

Also took my first photos of a hedgehog! And there were some beautiful adult cats too.

Fingers crossed these creatures all find happy forever homes quickly.

Cowboy Hedgehog poof-2b

Sunday, December 7, 2014

New Cards - Available online & at Got Craft

Haven't posted in a while, but I have been doing cat-related things!

The most important news is that I have coordinated the printing of new cards this year to sell & raise funds for rescue groups!

This year it's a set of 4 for Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue with the most adorable kitten + martini glasses taken by Tanja. And two featuring Katie's Place residents - a reprint of the very popular white Nicole card, and a new one featuring a handsome tuxedo boy, Damon (photo by Cindy Hughes)

The cards are available online at my etsy shop and I will be selling them at the best Vancouver craft fair there is - Got Craft on Dec 13 and 14.  All proceeds from the VOKRA cards go to VOKRA and ditto for Katie's Place.

I'm really hoping to sell a boatload and hand over a big pile of cash to help make a happy end of year for these amazing volunteer-run rescue groups.

Please buy a few cards and/or share the link with your friends.  Any support is appreciated!


Friday, September 12, 2014

Cindy is Amazing

Cindy posted the first batch of photos from our trip to Katie's Place and they are luminous and lovely.

Check out her gallery here: 

I could look at her photos all day long.  Doesn't she make you want to take all these cats home?

I'm thinking about turning a few of these into cards to sell as a fundraiser again this year - but deciding which ones will be tough.

If you need photos done - check out Muddy Love Pet Photography.  Cindy also does people photos. You won't regret it.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Back At Katie's Place

Hello!  Hiatus is over - time to get back to business. And by business I mean getting awesome photos of shelter cats so you can't resist them and adopt them into your loving homes.

I've been back in Vancouver for a few months now and finally got myself out to Katie's Place!  The always wonderful Cindy Hughes of Muddy Love Pet Photography went with me and took a ton a photos; I can't wait to see them.  Remember this stunning photo?

While we wait to see Cindy's pro photos, you will have to make do with my photo of Panda interrupted mid-bath, which I think is pretty adorable.

So many wonderful cats at Katie's Place. I wish I could bring them home with me. Maybe you can?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cats of Europe, Cont

I'm still in Europe, having a lovely time. Still photographing pretty much every cat I come across (I don't see many in Poland, actually).

Including this friendly guy we met at a train museum. I snuggled him for a bit.


And this guy who wasn't so keen on snuggling but was still pretty.

I miss my cats a lot. Looking forward to that part of getting home in a few months. And visiting the rescues - hoping all the cats I know found homes while I was away!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cats of Europe

While I'm sad not to be in Vancouver, helping find homes for shelter animals, I'm making the most of my time in Europe. My partner and I went on a road trip for most of June - down to Croatia and Albania and swinging by Romania on our way back - it was very interesting. We met a few cats on our way (in Croatia mostly) and I couldn't resist taking photos of them! I'm missing my cats very much, so I turn into a bit of a crazy person when I see a cat now.

I've started a set on my flickr page for the cat photos I'm taking on my travels - I suspect there will be more! 

In more Vancouver-centric news - Vancouver rescue groups have been flooded with cats from two big rescue operations. If you are inclined and able to donate to support them, now would be a very good time!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Feature Cat

Copenhagen cat.
I'm in Poland!  We've successfully relocated to Poland (here until early 2014, then back to Vancouver) and despite the language barrier, it's nice living here; I've always wanted to live in an old European town centre, and here we're literally two short blocks away from the beautiful giant central plaza. If it would just stop raining, it would be great!  (You can follow my adventures on my personal blog:

The only downside to this European adventure - we had to leave our two cats in Vancouver. You can probably guess how hard that was for me. We were so lucky to find a friend who was willing to take both our cats in and foster them for the year we're away; I will never be able to thank her enough for this. Knowing they are in good hands and are loved makes a world of difference.  Still, being without cat is weird - it's quiet and empty and seems like such a waste of an apartment. (We're traveling too much to even foster temporarily while here.)

I'm scheming up ways to get out to the animal shelter here, maybe to take some photos, but the language barrier is a bit of a problem (and convincing them that I'm not a wingnut). Still, I have hopes!  In the meantime, I try to pet every cat I see in the street (not many so far), and get mopey about missing our cats.  I may just move into Katie's Place for a few days when I return to cuddle as may cats as possible. :)

To keep you amused - I've changed up the Feature Cat.  I met Juliette the first time I went to Katie's Place with Cindy - she has these sad eyes that follow you around but she doesn't like to compete with all the other cats to get your attention, so we didn't see much of her. The second time, she came out for me and was adorable. She seems perfect - I can only attribute the fact that she hasn't been adopted to the fact that she is black and a bit shy, both things that mean you tend to get overlooked in a shelter. Poor girl - she needs to learn to strut her stuff a bit more!