Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I'm super excited!  It's been on my brain since I started getting these amazing photographs from my volunteer photographers to do something more with them than post them to the internet.  Since animal rescue groups are always in need of funds, I really wanted to come up with a product that people would want to buy, with the proceeds going to the rescue groups. After slaving away over Illustrator files, I just submitted 4 greeting card designs to the printer! 2 birthday cards, 1 holiday card, and 1 blank card. I even found a green printer in Vancouver who gave me a great (discounted) price for the cards (on 100% recycled paper).

I'll do a big reveal once the order comes in - I hope everyone loves them (and buys them!)

In the meantime, to distract myself, I've got a photo shoot scheduled tomorrow, so a few new photos should appear here soon!

In happy news - several of the cats in the galleries have been adopted! Including stunning bengal cat Shyla (with her brother), Christie, Tora, Arizona, Denny, Avery (yay)!

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