Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cat in a Hat

Moxie in a hat.
 I've been carrying this little cowboy hat to every photo shoot since I started this project and every single time I get distracted by the adorable cats and forget about it. But on this last photo shoot I was packing away some stuff in my bag, saw it, and caught Jackie, the photographer in time!

We grabbed the nearest kitten and had a fun time trying to get the hat on it's head long enough to get a photo (the kitten, Moxie, was more interested in trying to play with the hat). It was pretty hilarious. And, we got a photo. 

This hat may come out more often now. Is it wrong that I'm on the lookout for a mini tophat also?  I'm pretty sure that's a bad sign.

Adorable Roche
Speaking of Jackie!  Jackie Dives, who I know because we work together on an event called Swap-o-rama-rama in Vancouver (giant community clothing swap & repurposing event). Jackie is also a doula and photographer, and artist! I was checking her blog one day and she had posted some photos from her latest newborn photo shoot and she happened to catch the family pets on her visit and I had a 'duh' moment.... realizing that here was another talented photographer right under my nose!  I sent my pitch email and happily she was very willing to try!

Playful Furrero
We arranged to meet up with a VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association) foster mom who was taking care of 3 kittens and 2 cats (she's awesome).  The lighting in her apartment was challenging, and one of the cats was very shy and wouldn't let us photograph her - but the kittens were hilarious, and the other cat super friendly and cooperative. And the photos turned out lovely! We had fun (kittens sure are a handful).  And I got my photo of a cat in a cowboy hat. Thanks Jackie!

Check out the new Gallery 3 for Jackie's photos!

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