Saturday, July 28, 2012


It took a few reschedulings but we made it to HomeFinders to photograph a pile of cats (and a turtle) for them - yay! It will take a while for Ben to process the photos, but I'm guessing he got some awesome ones. The cats were generally superstars (and the kittens were rascally and hilariously hard to catch when we were done). One of the perks of doing this is getting to hold purring kittens, I'll be honest.

I finally remembered to take my camera and get a photo of Ben in action with his studio-esque setup. (These photos also show you why I am not taking the animal photos!) Because Ben and I usually schedule photo shoots in the evenings, he's got a set up with a flash and a light umbrella which produces amazing photos with a very different quality than natural light photos. Sometimes it freaks the cats out - the noise and the flash - but Ben makes it work!

Will have photos to show in a few days I hope!

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