Friday, July 20, 2012

Blog Love

Ben and I didn't make it out to Home Finders last week - it had to be rescheduled, but fingers crossed we'll make it out tonight!

I've been spending a fair bit of my internet time reaching out to people in the Vancouver blog world to see if they'd be willing to feature some of the cats that we've gotten photos of as part of Orphan Animal Pics. And, because these people are wonderful - blog posts have been popping up (including some weekly features).  I'm so pleased - hopefully the photos will tug someone's heartstrings and cause some adoptions that otherwise wouldn't have happened. Given the number of animals in shelters, we need a lot of new homes to step forward to take in an animal or two if we're going to find happy endings for these creatures!

Here are the wonderful bloggers that have featured the project/animals so far - I'm so grateful!
The Anthology
Kimli of Delicious Juice
Lotus Events (organizers of the wonderful Got Craft)
Kim Werker

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