Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Marlowe Found a Home!

Marlowe.  So good looking, this cat. I took about 65 photos of him when I was at Katie's Place last, he's a great model.  He had pulled out some of his fur because he was sad/stressed in the shelter environment - he needed a proper home.  But he's not necessarily an easy cat to adopt out - he needs to be taken on his own terms - needs a home that understands him and doesn't have expectations of constant cuddles... and that's a rare home to find, one that will take a quirky, possibly temperamental cat and love them on their own terms.

Fingers crossed for Marlowe because he found someone willing to give it a try!! And so far so good!  Let's hope it works out for him and he can grow his fur back and be the beautiful, happy cat he should be!

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