Monday, August 6, 2012


Avery is shy & tiny & a love.
So much cuteness!! It's pretty funny watching 7 kittens  romp around, let me tell you!  Cindy once again worked her magic and got amazing, lovely photos of the kittens, even the shy ones that were trying very hard not to be photographed. Turns out the mom cat was the most challenging - sometimes cats are just not going to cooperate and the harder you try, the more they freak out.

Cindy also took a photo of me getting some kitten snuggles (kittens were not looking to snuggle, they were looking to play; I snuggled anyway) - these snuggles are the perk to this volunteer gig, and it's pretty awesome.  ;)

I'll get more of these great photos up Gallery 2 soon - in the meantime, you should check out gallery 1 (Ben's) to see some of the photos he took last week! 

And, of course, if you want to adopt anyone - check out HomeFinders Animal Rescue!
This is Arizona - super friendly & playful.

Denny - a bit shy around new people, but still awesome.
Trying to get kittens to stay still for a group shot? Hopeless.
(l-r) George, Arizona, Charles

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